Call for city residents to plant more

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A RESIDENT of Port Moresby has urged the people and city authorities to promote tree planting to keep the city beautiful.
Eleven Antio, who came to Port Moresby in 1973 from his village in Kainantu, Eastern Highlands, said he had watched the decrease in flora and fauna in Port Moresby over the years.
“Development is good for a fast growing city like Port Moresby but I’m afraid in the next 10 to 20 years, there will be no more trees in this city,” he said.
“I came to Port Moresby in 1973 as a teenager and I’ve seen the city change over the years and I’m scared of the effect it might have on our future generation. With no flora and fauna preserved in this city, we will be heading for disaster.”
He has turned his backyard at Gevana Street in June Valley into a sanctuary of trees, this earning him the nickname “tree man”.
He has personally conducted awareness in the neighbourhood urging people to plant, rather than cut down trees.
“Many times I’ve chased people who attempt to cut the trees, flowers or even scare the birds away in my area. Someone planted all these and is watching over them. They didn’t spring to life on their own.
“Some trees that I’ve planted 30 to 40 years ago are still standing and I’ve added many more. I’ve planted a variety of trees and enjoy watching birds and other animals flock to the area to enjoy the comfort of the trees,” he said.
Antio urged the National Capital District Commission to give him seedlings to plant more and extend his initiative to other areas of the city.
“I am doing this for the good of our future generation,” he said.

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