Clashes end in four deaths


THREE people died in Western Highlands and one in Kondopina on the border of Jiwaka in fights involving supporters of election candidates, according to police.
Provincial commander Chief Superintendent Martin Lakari told The National that three people died in Kumdi in a fight between supporters of two candidates for the Mul-Baiyer open seat and one man was killed and two others injured at Kondopina in a fight between supporters of two candidates contesting the Dei open seat.
He said deaths occurred at the weekend after polling in the province on Friday and Saturday.
Lakari said police moved into  Kumdi, Baiyer, and started camping in the area to stop the fight but situation was still tense.
He  said the fight at Kondopina was also brought under control and police were monitoring the area.
In the other election-related incidents, 22 people were arrested on Saturday for allegedly destroying ballot boxes and papers at the Kerebug rest house outside Hagen city, Lakari said. He said some were released
on bail and others were still locked up.
Lakari said that at Tarangau rest house, three men were arrested for possession of 10 marked ballot papers on Saturday during polling.
One of the open candidates was also arrested during the weekend for alleged possession of a  gun.

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