Dadae’s quest for GG post gore about self than nation


ON Oct 7,  The National ran a story of Kabwum MP Bob Dadae announcing his candidacy for governor general.
Dadae announced his decision at Saga (Zaka) mission station in Bulolo district and is quoted as saying, if successful, he’ll be the first Morobean to be GG.
What a big blunder for such an important decision to be declared elsewhere and not in the Kabwum district which elected him for three consecutive terms.
Of greater significance is that Dadae has failed to tell his voters what exactly he has done to fulfil all the development needs and aspirations of Kabwum district that propelled him to seek national duties and responsibilities.
The Zaka announcement is very sinister, driven by greed, self and ulterior motives rather than in the country’s best interest.
It is evidenced by Dadae’s explicitly expressed words to be first Morobe GG.
Worth noting is that as part of his plot, Dadae has offered a  senior government official his support to contest the Kabwum open in next year’s election in return for the latter to lobby support for the GG’s post.
Instead of speeding down Porepore Freeway to Konedobu, Dadae should redirect his course, humbly walk the Bumbu Road to Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG headquarters in Ampo and return the church’s favour of meeting the cost of his Masters degree.
He cannot stand life after being dumped in the next election so he has to
strategise to grab the opportunity.
Simply put, Dadae is seeing himself losing 2017 general election.
Consider founding fathers Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, Sir Julius Chan along with  Sir Mekere Morauta, Sir Rabbie Namaliu, Sir Jerry Nalau, retired PNG Defence Force commander Ted Diro and former pioneer female MPs Dame Josephine Abaijah, Nahau Rooney and Waliyato Clowes.

Hambo Lopio,
Kabwum, Morobe

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