East Sepik district focuses on driving public health


THE last week of February was a busy one for the Wewak district health management.
The team hosted the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the new community health post in Balam.
This was supported by a week-long family planning drive by Rotary Australia volunteers and a school awareness on sexually transmitted diseases at the Moem Barracks Community.
Staff of Wasaie clinic from Wewak General Hospital and the lifestyle disease awareness and detection programme with volunteers of Gander Memorial SDA Church of the Moem Barracks community took part in the programme.
District health manager Cletus Bon said the school and community health programmes signified their intention to drive public health this year by working in close partnership with other stakeholders.
“We will now do as much as we can to work in partnership with other stakeholders to boost public health in the district,” Bon said.
He commended all involved for a successful programme.
This week the team plans to host their first lifestyle disease prevention programme at the provincial administration headquarters for staff to kick-off the corporate lifestyle disease programme.
It will then be extend to other departments and businesses.

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