Fire hydrants get attention ahead of Apec meet


Eda Ranu has started carrying out a rehabilitation programme for all fire hydrants in Port Moresby in preparation for the Apec summit.
Acting chief executive Dr Fifaia  Matainaho said Eda Ranu had already started checking and working on  existing fire hydrants in the city and would place new ones in strategic locations.
“This is not just for the Apec but for the future of the city,” Matainaho said.
“We will clean, repaint and repair existing fire hydrants and also place new fire hydrants in strategic areas around the city.
“It is our duty to ensure that the supply of water is there in case there is a fire, so we have started looking into the  issue.”
Matainaho said they were working on fire hydrants in the city area.
“We are planning on starting with town and working our way across the city,” he said.
“Recently, we have seen fire destroy homes and business properties.”
Matainaho said Eda Ranu was willing to discuss fire hydrants for the expanding parts of the city like Taurama and the 9-Mile area.
“But we will need to sit with the NCDC planning board and the PNG Fire Service to survey and identify strategic locations for new fire hydrants to be built,” he said.

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