Industry faces stress on disposable income


THE telecommunication market is facing a “stress on disposable income” due to the turbulent economic year, Digicel managing director mobile Shivan Bhargava says.
Bhargava told The National that this was expected. And as part of the duopoly in the telecommunications industry, Digicel is seeking to cater for this through its service offers.
“Stress is always everywhere. This is the basis with which we are now coming out with the October Crazy Offers and previously allowed our customers to use free Facebook,” Bhargava said.
“We understand that there is disposable income stress in the market place.
“When there is an industry downturn, then it is definitely the consumers that will suffer because of the amount of disposable income going down.
“This is why we want more affordable products for our consumers.
“Stress is everywhere and as leaders in the industry, we have to ensure that we keep doing our business.
“And our growth will largely happen if our consumers stay long with us and they are able to consume minutes on our network.
“Our network is there and we want our customers to use it.”
Bhargava made the comments during the launching of the 1Tok Crazy October Offers in Port Moresby on Wednesday.

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