K11 million rental still outstanding, says official


THE National Housing Commission in Lae had K11 million owing to it in outstanding rental payments up until the end of last year.
The amount was expected to have increased as many tenants continued to skip the payments in their tenancy agreement.
Acting provincial housing commission manager Matthew Limu said many of the tenants knew that they had signed but were reluctant to pay up, resulting in their arrears accumulating over time.
These are the very people that National Housing Commission issued notices to, urging them to make payments and if they could not, then a court order would be issued to them.
Mamose regional manager Joe Bulage said tenants had to pay up or National Housing Commission would have no choices but take them to court and evict them from the properties.
He said since he took office in 2014, there had been no eviction but National Housing Commission was ready to take court action.

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