Mother of five dies at sea


A MOTHER of five was found dead after she and her husband were allegedly run over by a dinghy in Madang on Monday night.
The couple were fishing off Riwo village when a dinghy occupied by about nine men approached them at around 9pm.
A police officer, who attended to the matter, said that after seeing them, the skipper went past them, turned and headed straight for their canoe at high speed and ripped their canoe in half.
The officer said the couple swam for some time against strong currents and grew tired. A relative ,Richie Tasion, said the man supported his wife for some time but realised he could not support her all the way and advised her to stay afloat at a specific spot while he swam to the nearest island to get help.
He said the man swam to Panudau Island and was so exhausted that he lay on the beach for more than 30 minutes before he regained his strength.
By the time the man alerted others and returned, his wife was no longer at the location where he had left her.
The woman’s body was found yesterday morning on Iduan Island.

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