Leaders told to address death of two police officers


A Mount Hagen-based businessman from Enga is calling on the Enga leaders to show some respect for the death of the two policemen killed recently in Wabag town.
Robin Aipi, managing director of Waghi Farming Supplies Limited, whose company vehicle was forcefully taken by members of the Mobile Squad Six at Kiminininga Police Barracks in Mt Hagen last Wednesday night, said he has already became a victim of the problem in Wabag.
Aipi said that his company vehicle was forcefully taken by policemen at gun point because he was Engan.
“I want to call on the leaders from Enga like Governor Sir Peter Ipatas, Member for Kandep and Minister for Civil Aviation Alfred Manase, and former MP and Opposition Leader Don Polye to say sorry to the two members of MS 6 killed by Kandep people in Wabag town during the counting of the votes.”
He said the leaders were not involved in the killings directly but as leaders they must feel responsible to take on the people’s burden and ease the tension built up among the colleagues, families and relatives of the two deceased policemen.
Aipi said that two months have passed and no leader from Enga turned up at the hauskrai to say sorry which was not good.
He said the two young policemen died in the hands of Enga people while on constitutional duty and Enga leaders must show some respect for them in a Melanesian way.  Aipi said he lived his whole life in Mt Hagen but became victim at the barracks for no good reason.
“I have nothing to do with the election in Enga yet policemen took my company vehicle and made me suffer for one week,” he said.
Aipi said that his vehicle was returned to him on Monday at the Mt Hagen police station but minus the spare tyre, K5000 cash that was the locked in the glove box and other items including a phone battery charger.
He said he gave three policemen responsible until yesterday to put everything back or he would seek legal advice and take the matter to court.

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