Nagada settlement eviction begins: Kramer

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Police officers tasked with the eviction being briefed by their commanders at Jomba Police Station. – Nationalpics by SYLVESTER WEMURU

THE eviction of 3,000 residents at Nagada Settlement in Madang started yesterday, Madang MP Bryan Kramer says.
He told The National that the “eviction was progressing and police units were on the ground”.
When asked if there were any issues faced by the people of Nagada, Kramer said there were no issues.
“The eviction is progressing as planned,” he said.
“Police units will maintain round-the-clock patrol to keep the peace.
“A police team will also reside in the area to be able to respond to any incident.
A team from the northern command mobile group are in Madang after arriving in the province on Tuesday afternoon.
On Wednesday, The National was told of an originating summons filed by a Lesly Peneh in relation to the Nagada settlement.
Peneh filed the application on Tuesday in the Madang National Court to restrain the Evangelical Lutheran church from conducting any work on the land until further order from the court.
Kramer reiterated yesterday: “I have been informed that the (church) will file to have the proceedings dismissed.”