Official: Change only possible if we are literate


MOROBE education chairman Andrew Gena last Friday told a gathering in Lae to mark International Literacy Week that literacy was very important in everyday living.
The theme of the International Literacy Week this year was Quality Literacy for Quality Life.
Speaking at the St Mary’s Literacy School in Lae, Gena said everything was changing today and without literacy, these changes would mean nothing to those who could not read and write.
St Mary’s Literacy School enrols children as well as adults and teach reading, writing and personal development. Many of the children did not have decent homes and were denied their basic right to education.
Head teacher Vincent Simon said small children aged between five and 10 years old who were supposed to be in school were also enrolled there.
“We have over the years helped many to get back into primary school and their fees were paid
by St Mary’s Catholic Church parish in Lae’s Top Town,” Simon
According to Simon, their literacy programmes have paved the way for many unfortunate children, youths and adults to at least learn to read and write and become part of the everyday changes taking place.
“Understanding in literacy must be developed in order to be part of the changes that the society is experiencing,” he said.
“Quite a number of underage children come here learn to read and write and many do not pay fees here unlike in other schools.
“We provide bus fare, free meals during lunch and when they are lucky enough to enter into primary schools or vocational training school, we pay for their tuition fees.”

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