Academic calls on students to be ethical


Being ethical on a personal level leads to being ethically professionally, an academic at the Divine Word University (DWU) in Madang says.
Vice president Academic Affairs Vice Pamela Norman delivered this message to business professionals recently at the 17th annual Business Ethics Seminar at the DWU Madang campus.
The seminar theme was ‘Enhancing professional ethics in business through advancing technology, accessible to all’.
Norman also advised business students to use technology in their work as future professionals in the various business and information technology (IT) fields.
Norman said access to technology determined the success of most businesses and organisations, however, it also required ethical values to push oneself ahead of others.
She said DWU was the leading university in Papua New Guinea which provided information and communications technology (ICT) access for staff and students. Students, she said, were urged to appreciate their to the ICT services.
Roberta Morlin, a former student of DWU, said the use of ICT was expensive in the country and was a cause for delays to progresses across the country.
Morlin said DWU graduates were also faced with this challenge when they completed
their studies and joined the workforce.
Another DWU graduate, Anne Shirley Korave urged students that were still studying to consider self-employment as a viable option.
Korave encouraged students to think big and use the information and communications technology resources Divine Word University offered while the opportunity was there.

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