Police retrieve body of woman with hands tied


THE body of a woman was found on the bank of the Bumbu River in Lae last Wednesday.
A police officer who was involved in retrieving the body and who requested not to be identified, said her hands were tied behind her back with wires and she had a deep wound on one of her knees.
Police are investigating.
Lae law and order committee chairman Sam Oyaya said only people who were sick did those kinds of things to others.
“Lae is a city so people must learn to live together,” Oyaya said.
“I call on the police to get to the bottom of this incident and have the culprits pay for their crimes.”
The body was discovered a day after a couple were kidnapped and attacked by a mob who had accused them of using sorcery to kill a woman.
The woman is from Asaro in Eastern Highlands and her husband is from Buang, Morobe.
Police managed to save them after they were dragged out of their home in the early hours of the morning by a group of men who beat them up and tried to set fire to the woman.
“We must not take the law into our own hands but report all law and order matters to the police,” Oyaya said.
Oyaya said sorcery was something that would not be proved in court so people must not accuse others of sorcery.

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