School uses newspapers for reading, learning


ONE of the two primary schools in the East Pangia Local Level Government in Southern Highlands is using newspapers for reading purposes.
Aria Primary School is located near the border of Western Highlands and Chimbu.
One of the 10 teachers at the school Racheal Timothy who is from the area told The National  last Saturday that the school did not have textbooks, teachers’ guide, reading books and other learning materials for the teachers and students to use in class.
Timothy who is teaching Grade Five this year said teachers had to borrow teaching materials from teachers in other schools to prepare lessons for the students.
“When it comes to reading, we buy newspapers and give it to our students to read,” she said.
She said it did not help much because students were still struggling with the English language.
The level four school caters for Grade Three to Grade Eight with a roll of 150.
It was established in 1975 and run by the Wesleyan Church.
But it was taken over by the provincial government 10 years ago.
She said the Government school fee subsidy was spent mostly on renovating school buildings.
She said the school desperately needed help next year so that teachers could provide quality education for the students.
“Teachers need proper teaching materials in order to deliver quality education to the students,” she said.
“Students deserve to be educated the right way.”

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