Select a coach who can build a team


I WANT to hear why the PNG under19 went down very badly to NZ 12 goals to nil.
The signs of players not playing well in field are obvious, there should be no excuses, coaches already know about pressure during the world cup soccer in 2015. The score line easily paints a picture that we need to start somewhere to meet the world class football. I would suggest that we let the male coaches coach the women’s national team because male coaches can easily identify weakness.
I am not saying that our coaches are not fit but they still needs time to catch up with the pressure football; our woman can be assistant coach.
Our young soccer girls need more time to train and must have competitive football prior to international tournaments.
I suggested for PNGFA to select coaches who can build a team from the pool of players rather than depending on players.

Strongpela soccer man

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