Teamwork inspires success


STRONG partnership between the PNG LNG stakeholders is the basis for its success and positive prospects, despite the challenging economy, ExxonMobil managing director Andrew Barry says.
He was giving an update on the company’s operations during the Australia-PNG Business Council Forum yesterday.
“When you reflect on the business environment back in 2009, when we embarked on the PNG LNG project, it is not dissimilar to today,” he said.
“The global financial crisis in 2009 created a lot of uncertainty, while today’s low commodity prices and global LNG market are creating a similar environment.
“The bold decisions Government took to provide fiscal certainty and work in partnership with business meant investment dollars were spent in PNG.
“The same challenge remains today. And the same level of cooperation, teamwork and partnership will be required for us to be successful in the future.
“Last year, we continued to produce LNG at rates well above the design capacity of our facilities.
“Recently, we have exceeded production rates at 20 per cent above design.
“Just 10 days ago, we celebrated our 300th cargo, almost three years to the date that our first cargo set sail for the first customer in Asia.”

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