Pangu Pati drama will not affect Bulolo’s support for Basil


THE Pangu Pati leadership saga is a minor issue between the party executives and the leader.
This issue does not threaten or withdraw the Bulolo people’s support for their leade.
I wish to tell the people of Bulolo that the voting trend in the 2012 election showed that sitting MP for the first time collected more votes from all the six LLGs.
The Buang population always determines who wins and there is no dispute as the sitting MP has the blessing from his Buang people.
Buang is highly populated in Bulolo and Sam Basil is their favourite son.
If you can break through Buang you have a fair chance to put up a fight; if you fail then stop wasting your efforts and resources.
He won by a landslide in the 2012 national election.
You can politicise, criticise and comment as you wish in the social media or campaign rallies; you will not change their minds.
The Wau and Bulolo town minority does not match the remote population as they will return Sam Basil this 2017 by another landslide victory.
It’s a free fair elections and make your vote count- all the best.

Election Fever

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