Ten men arrested after killing put up language barrier


TEN men being questioned in relation to the death of another man are frustrating police by demanding that they should only be interviewed in their home dialect.
Milne Bay provincial police commander Inspector George Bayagau said the men are refusing to be interviewed in either English or pidgin.
The men were arrested following the death of the father of a man known to them.
“However, they are now frustrating the interrogation because they insist on speaking in their own language although we believe that they can speak English and pidgin,” Bayagau said.
“And this is prolonging the investigations.”
Bayagau said the 10 men had gone to a house to see a man in relation to criminal activities in the area.
The man they had gone to see was not there, police said. However, the man’s father, who is now dead, was there.
Bayagau said police arrested the men at the village and took them to Alotau. “They are not cooperating with the investigations because they are insisting on speaking only in their language,” he said.

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