Time to ‘clean up’ our act


I COMMEND all those involved in the Kilim Mosbi Campaign as reported in The National yesterday (Nov 24).
It takes a brave person to clean someone else’s trash.
It’s a shame when people who live on the coastline dump rubbish into the sea without any care.
They don’t realise the long term effects on environmental damage and how it will affect everyone.
They also don’t realise it takes hard work and an expensive exercise to carry out campaigns.
People must be educated on how to live in a clean environment.
They must be made aware on how harmful  it can be to the marine life and how humans are affected.
Thus, all villages along the coastline in NCD, Central and throughout PNG should start throwing rubbish in the proper places instead of dumping into the sea.
It’s time take back your pride, Papuans.
Do the right thing and bin the rubbish.
Let’s not be lazy but be thoughtful, use some common sense and be responsible for our own rubbish.
The change starts with us right now.

Meri Papua, Via email

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