2 weeks of darkness in Vanimo


VANIMO residents in West Sepik have been without power supply for almost two weeks now.
Acting business manager for PNG Power Ltd (PPL) Vanimo Gilbert Gathimon, in an external memo last month addressed to all power consumers, said the only two diesel generators sustaining electricity supply came to a complete stop on Friday, April 29.
“A mechanical team has assessed and confirmed that the breakdown of the two generators were due to mechanical fault within the engine core.
“The estimated time of restoration is three weeks as of the date of this memo.”
PPL acting chief executive officer Obed Batia told The National yesterday that Vanimo residents should expect power supply to be restored by the weekend.
“A generator at the Vanimo power station will be restored by Friday,” he said.
“Parts were flown into Vanimo from Wewak. This should cater for 90 per cent of our consumers in Vanimo town and surrounding villages. This generator broke down two weeks ago and our technical teams have been working to repairing it.
“It is one of two gensets at the power station.”
Batia said a new generator for Vanimo was in Lae awaiting shipment.
“Due to shipping schedules, we cannot immediately dispatch it to Vanimo as we have to await the ship to return from Vanimo then it will be shipped over. It will take a one-month time frame to ship, install, test and commission.
“We are looking at the possibility of hiring a ship to urgently dispatch generator to Vanimo.
“In the meantime, we should have power supply restored this weekend.”