20 SABLs cancelled, more may go

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TWENTY special agricultural business leases (SABLs) have been cancelled by the Department of Lands and Physical Planning.
Minister John Rosso told Parliament that the 20 were from a total of 70 that were identified by a commission of inquiry.
Rosso said from the 70, a further 30 were recommended to be cancelled.
“Another 20 could not be cancelled because the SABL title holders have filed court proceedings,” he said.
“The department will deal with these 20 special agricultural business leases once the court proceedings are concluded.
“I have instructed my departmental head to institute further investigations through the customary lands advisory committee into these SABLs with the view to cancel those SABLs that are controversial and illegal.
“Investigations are underway into agriculture leases that are not compliant with the covenants of the lease and once confirmed, will be subjected to forfeiture utilising my ministerial powers.
“It (SABL) is a challenging and controversial issue that the department is dealing with.
“The original SABL concept was part of the overall policy of accessing customary land and issuing bankable titles over the customary land to a person or an entity nominated by the customary landowner(s) under the lease back policy where the customary land is leased from the customary landowner(s) and is then leased back to the landowner(s) with a State guaranteed bankable title.
“Some of the notable developments using the SABL titles are the developments between the Mt Hagen city and the Kagamuga Airport corridor.