28 people receive literacy training


Twenty-eight people from Aitape District in West Sepik have completed an adult literacy course.
The course was provided by Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) PNG as part of PNG-Australia localised and service delivery partnership.
“We are pleased to be working with the churches to address low literacy rates in the country,” said Brendan Peace, the counsellor from the Australian High Commission.
“We know this is a major barrier to employment and development.”
The literacy curriculum was developed by ADRA PNG in collaboration with the Sonoma Adventist College and Seventh-day Adventist Papua New Guinea Union Mission.
The first curriculum module is taught in Tok Pisin with language, numeracy, social inclusion and Christian education subjects.
The second module is being developed and will be taught in English.
People completing the first module will enroll for the second course.
Since November, 35 adult literacy trainers have been trained to deliver the programme throughout the country.
So far, 86 adult learners have participated and graduated.

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