280 students from SHSS to graduate


A TOTAL of 280 students, including two honours students and a masters student from the school of humanities and social sciences (SHSS) at the University of Papua New Guinea, are expected to graduate in April according to executive officer Herra Onno.
Onno said he was proud of the way the school had managed to graduate a bulk of its students every year.
He said the expected number of graduates this year was similar to last year and that showed the consistency and quality of the school’s programmes.
“We are proud of the number of students that we continue to graduate every year,” he said.
“Our school has so much to offer the workforce, and I have been telling my students not to look down on themselves but to always aim to be better at whatever that are going to be doing eventually after graduating.”
Onno said the school was planning a better academic year in 2020 for students, not just in SHSS, but for all the other three schools: school of law, school of natural and physical sciences, and the school of business and public policy.
He said last year was challenging due to the administrative and management issues regarding sacking and appointment of vice-chancellors and pro-vice chancellors.

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