5 killed in failed robbery

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FIVE men died in a shootout with police in Madang on Saturday after they tried to hold up a bus police officers were travelling in on the Lae-Madang highway.
Madang commander acting Supt Mazuc Rubiang said police were tipped off of the planned hold-up of the bus, and they boarded it before hand, pretending to be passengers.
Four bodies were taken to the Modilon Hospital while the fifth was buried at the site of the shooting. Other members of the group fled the scene during the shooting.
Rubiang said the men were believed to be from Madang town and had been involved in a lot of robberies on the main highway.
He said many passengers and drivers had been victims to the highway robberies.
“(Police) received intelligence of a planned armed holdup of buses travelling from Madang, between Negeri and Naru (Madang-Lae highway),” he said.
“Acting on that, officers travelled to Double Mountain and waited for the buses.
“At about 12pm, the first bus arrived and all passengers were offloaded onto a police vehicle.
“Five policemen disguised as passengers then got on the bus.
“When nearing the location of the planned holdup, (the officers) sighted someone coming out of the bush and then going back again.
“About 50 meters from the location, about three armed gunmen came out and opened fire on the bus.
“Police returned fire and shot the (five) criminals.”
Rubiang said some men fled leaving behind a gun and a mobile phone.
“It is believed that some (were wounded) and escaped towards the Naru river,” he said.
“ They were pursued. At this moment we are monitoring the area.”
He said “enough is enough” and warned criminals to stop what they were doing.


    • Well done Madang Police. Please commissioner for Police promote PPC for Madang, and PPC for Madang also promote the five officers as well as renumerate other officers in Madang to motivate them to go extra yard. Meanwhile also patrol hot spots in Madang Town particularly in New Town Areas(Malabor, finsch Road, bukbuk settlement, and sisiak) were buglarly is common AND kill the buglars too. Buglarly is also a popular crime in these particular areas that need attention.

      Congratulations once again for a job well done!!

  • There are hundreds of ways to make money honestly by sweating your guards available in Madang province. Youths better be creative in their daily endeavors to tilt the land or other easier activities you can participate in it and make your living honestly. Don’t go out to steal.

  • These criminals got a taste of their own medicine. Too many PMV buses and commuters on the highway have been victims. The corpses need to be properly identified to establish where exactly are these culprits from. Are they really from Madang town or are these villagers along this section of the highway committing these highway robberies.

  • Such incidents has been going on for a while so now its good that they shoot them down,lazy people always hold up the national highway and get properties for those travelling passengers.Now lets open the eyes of someone who might thinking of doing such illegal thing again.Tumps up for our hard working police officers from Madang,Please keep monitor our national highway and shoot down whoever wants to hold up the PMV travelling.

  • Well done Madang police. Acting PPC is doing fine with policing issues in Madang and he should be confirmed to the post. The animal rascals got paid for what they used to do along the Highway.

    Good on you, Polic officer. The rest of the road “blockers” on the highways must think twice to carry illegal guns to rob travellers again.

  • Good policing will encourage more people to be informants. Well done. Forget human rights for this. They are rats

  • Well done police. Thank you. Government should promote these police officers for protecting this country from the hands of dogs. Well done. Criminals will leak their blood.

  • Thank you our hard working policemen and Acting PPC. God bless your profession.

  • Sorry for the lives lost but there are other honest ways to earn a living. You will do it 99 times but will caught the on 100..thumbs up Madang Police.

  • They choose to die that way…..let it be!
    Also, better to find out why youths are engaging in such manners….we must be proactive in addressing such issues rather than reacting to it. Who really are we going to blame?

  • Please rascals, don’t risk your life in such sinful ways. There are many opportunities available that you can engage in to sustain yourself. Thanks to Police Dept’ and the force behind the scene, you are doing your job. Lets help to keep our society free, safe and secure from all ill-treatments. As a citizen we must all contribute as an individual, a family, a group, a community and a society as a whole in working collaboratively with the Police to fight against and eliminate such illegal practices.

  • Congratulations to police for work well done. keep up the good. You do the right thing the Lord is on your side to protect you. Thank you so much.

  • Well done Madang Police for the job well done.These bunch of culprits deserve to die like animals,there’s not need to transport their bodies to the hospital just berry them on the road side.

  • Well done RPNGC Madang! Thieves in the like do not deserve to live! They or no one, has the right to endanger the life of another human being.

    As we thank the RPNGC for that, Rulers of the country, Ministers! How do you feel? Have you done enough to ensure a young disciplined and ethical population is being bred in our sovereign nation??? More crimes and deaths are an indication of your leadership!

  • Good Job, the “Men in Blue”. The wages of sin is Death.
    – Whatever that you sow, you will always reap.
    – Lazziness is a disease that is crippling our society.
    – You sweat, you will enjoy the benefits of it. Easy come, easy go and that might cost your life in such incidents. Sad, but this is the reality of life.

  • Very fine job done, a credit to madang police, we need more of this kind, keep up the good job.

  • as the saying goes, two things in life that you will never escape from,
    1) your death
    2) paying government tax,

    They deserve to die, well done cops

  • I think this is way criminals wanted to end their lives and also warning to others as well.
    Police did what exactly public want in such situation where unfortunate people travel for school or holidays to there point of origin.
    Salute for this police officers for disrupt the plan robbery along the Highway.

  • I grew up in the settlements of Madang, but seeing that most of my seniors hand up death, jailed or mimed and handicapped for life by police, I chose to go back to my village. I was surprised to see that school fees were much less and cheaper than that of towns and cities, food was free (but you have to work for it), fuel was free (firewood) and most of all, I got all my family behind me. All in all, pretty much is everything is free and I don’t have to worry about what will happen to me. Life is better there than in towns and cities. Yes, they may have excuses in engaging in all those criminal activities, I see it as dumb, stupid and lazy. We all have a village and in the village land is plentiful and mostly free. Why not go back there. You ask for it, and you got it. You cannot blame the government all the time. Take responsibility of your lives and actions.

  • Well done job…Kill them all, kill the rest. They deserve to die like that, lazy buggers…

  • I praise those 5 policemen for a well done job. These Cromhall were rotten apples. They don’t even need a decent burial. Throw them into a river full of crocodiles. I salute you the 5 policemen. Keep it up and Madagascar Bai stap olsem bifo.

  • Congratulations Madang police for job well done. These kinds of pests do not deserve to live amongst the decent and law abiding citizens in any society. All must be identified, exposed and eliminated in the same manner.

  • sounds interesting and rewarding. rotten eggs need to be removed among good ones.

    I salute you with smile.

  • WELL DONE MADANG POLICE….Been a victim on that road where I lost everything except my life. WELL DONE,…and well done again.

  • Its about time Police take their stand on law and order and teach criminals and anyone trying to take innocent lives and public properties. Enough is Enough. Let the barrel of the guns do the action. We are sick and tired of these uncircumcised activities. They deserve their deaths and coffins . Great effort from you, Madang Police.

  • Waste human beings with waste life. Yupla die na hamamas na go. This should be a lesson to those wanne be criminals.

  • Quite unfortunate for these men, their lives have been cut short by their own actions. PNG is a developing nation and we must know that there are still opportunities to earn an honest living, we just have to explore them. Resorting to criminal activities should not be an option.

  • They deserve it but lets look at the other side of the world today, our government should create a lot of jobs for our very own people to sustain their living because our government of the day is also robbing it’s own people with tax otherwise job well done Madang police.
    All askim so larim ol kisim blo ol na go.

  • Most time we people seem to blame police for everything from police raids, assaults and stealing etc, but at the same time we must realise that police risk their lives in such situations for the people, so give them the thumbs up they deserve

  • The victims actions on highways are definitely condemned. However, some of the victims could be university graduates. Let’s accept that argument for the moment. Perhaps these people don’t have opportunities to achieve their dreams and goals. What’s the alternative there for them to make meaningful contributions in society. Unfortunately, the country doesn’t provides it. Therefore the rise in such cases. The police are not angels either. They are allies to criminal operations in the country too. Let’s not turn a blind eye on them either.

  • On behalf of my family members living in Madang, I applaud all police officers of Madang for job well done. please keep on hunting for those who escaped and totally irradicate the criminal elements living there who are becoming an eyesore every day.

  • Children growing up under well guided parenting lacks criminal knowledge and behaviors.Poor parenting and upbringing of a child without better care and guidance may lead to such incidences.These criminals made their fate due to rising social issue within their families.More of such deaths is yet to come if the root causes are not identified and addressed.Who are we to blame?

  • The creative planning as resulting in the death of this criminals element who have been doing this activity.That is now the challenge to all the LAW enforcing agency to come up with successful planing to address this kind of problems in future,Think out of the BOX…
    Well done Boys In BLUE,planner need urgent promotion NOW,

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