6 avionics students graduate in ENB

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The National, Thursday 01st December 2011

SIX pioneer avionics aircraft engineering students in East New Britain have received their certificates from the Elirana Electronic Technology School after a year of study.
They enrolled this year
to take up avionics aircraft engineering as pioneers for the school in the
New Guinea Islands region.
The school introduced the course this year after it was adopted from Queensland Aerospace College in Australia.
The school awarded certificates of attainment to the students recognising them as part of the school.
But the big challenge is still ahead as the students are now preparing for the
final Civil Aviation Safety Australia exams in Port Moresby in February.
Director of Elirana Electronics Elijah Turana said during the graduation it was important as Papua New Guineans to improve the avionics industry in the country.
Avionics instructor Nel-
­son Pup, a local from ENB
and a professionally-trained avionics aircraft engineer, said he was sa­tisfied with the training.