A scary experience

Lae News, Normal


THE cholera outbreak in Morobe province has been a frightening experience for a lot of people.
And for one family, it nearly took the life of their only son but quick response by the parents to get medical assistance saved their child.
The little boy’s faith in God also gave him strength to withstand the disease.
Rudolf Ningun, 13, is the eldest child and only son to mother Tanya and father Robert.
Mrs Ningun said the experience and ordeal her son went through, was very frightening but was one that strengthened the family bond after Rudolf recovered.
On Sept 1, at around 6:30pm Rudolf was swimming at the Markham River estuary commonly known as Maus Markham.
After the swim, Rudolf made his way up to the house, had a shower and sat down to have his dinner.
Five minutes into his dinner, he felt pains in his stomach and left quickly for the restroom.
After that he began vomiting and going back and forth from the restroom at intervals of five to 10 minutes.
His mother became very worried when Rudolf complained repeatedly of muscle cramps.
She called her husband to assist with a company vehicle and they rushed the young boy to Angau Memorial Hospital’s quarantine and treatment centre.
His vomiting and diarrhoea continued while Rudolf grew weaker and thinner as the hours passed.
After a seven-hour wait at Angau, doctors finally arrived and took Rudolf in for treatment.
They advised Rudolf’s parents about cholera which, for the couple was a new disease and one of the first being infected was their son.
Rudolf’s treatment continued for three more days until the diarrhoea and vomiting stopped completely.
He was discharged on the fifth day.