Abal happy with rescinding of decision

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The National, Thursday 17th November 2011

FORMER acting prime minister Sam Abal said he was happy that cabinet had rescinded its decision to suspend the Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia from office.
“I am impressed that the NEC under Belden Namah is rescinding its own decision after considering that it was not the right thing to do, and so was the only best option left for the O’Neill-Namah government,” says Abal.
However, he said the question that the public needs to ask at this time was: What was the objective in orchestrating this whole episode of interfering with the independence of the judiciary by launching an open assault on the personal integrity and dignity of the Chief Justice? Why the whole drama?
He questioned why such a drama was played out. Was it simply for the purposes of misleading the public to achieve its main objective and to cause public apprehensions?
Abal said at this juncture of our development years, the most critical element was political stability.
“I put it to the public that while the country is at the crossroads and entering the next election, the country needs stability and stable leaders to lead us at this crucial time.
“Both the government and opposition need to show restrain and calmness to assure our people that both sides of the parliament are committed to a peaceful and fair election, come next year,” Abal said.