ABG, National Govt urged to work together


The national and Bougainville governments should not be trying to outdo each other in the lead-up to the referendum to decide Bougainville’s political future.
ABG President Dr John Momis made that statement as he welcomed the Parliamentary Bi-partisan Committee on Referendum chaired by Southern Highlands Governor William Powi, who was accompanied by Madang Governor Jim Kas and Nuku MP Joe Sungi to Bougainville.
“Both governments should concentrate on how best to engage each other in a transparent and principled manner that is mutually acceptable and moreover, beneficial to the people of Bougainville,” Momis said.
Momis encouraged an all-inclusive consultative approach with an emphasis on lateral engagement of issues that pertain to the referendum on Bougainville.
Momis told the three national MPs that implementation of the Bougainville Peace Agreement, which is the political roadmap for Bougainville, must be done in a holistic manner and cover the many dimensions of life that both the National Government and the ABG must take seriously.
“The BPA in no uncertain terms stipulates its joint implementation by the national government and the ABG and creates the parameters within the process of self-determination by the people of Bougainville is played out,” Momis said.
He told the committee members that imposing ideas without respect to the people of Bougainville would be futile as imposition contradicted with their growth and development as a people.