Abuse of process sees teachers not paid

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The National, Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TEACHERS Service Commission regional adviser Joseph Oiyomb said  borrowed positions between schools is not allowed by law.
He clarified this after seven teachers from Sausi Primary School near Walium, in Madang, boycotted classes, saying they had not been paid since term one.
The teachers, who were addressed on Saturday by provincial senior professional assistant Jimmy Uguro and new regional inspector Beda Katamong, said they had been teaching without being paid for their services.
Last week, they boycotted classes in the hope of getting answers from the provincial education department on the issue of borrowed positions from schools not recognised by the provincial board.
Some 700 teachers are affected and Oiyomb said there was an abuse of process and procedures and the late administration of resumption duty forms.
“Sometimes appointments are made without the approval of the provincial education board.”
He said when “resumption of duty summary sheets were filled, they should be sent straight to the provincial board headquarters where the appointment officer would sign it. 
“The provincial adviser’s signature then seals the appointments which are effected by salaries with changes noted at the national level.”
Oiyomb said there was no law about borrowed positions but, “if it is borrowed then an EDA 212 and form 26 must be filled to make the changes in any position created”.