Activist seeks tougher laws on sale of wildlife

The National,Tuesday June 14th, 2016

A climate change activist is urging the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (Cepa) to set tough measures on people selling endangered species identified under the Fauna Act.
Latin N’drihin said Cepa should make perpetrators accountable to discourage the sale of wild animals.
N’drihin said the target group should be hunters in villages, because they were unaware of the act and killed wild animals most of which were endangered species and sold them in markets.
“We are not targeting the right people and more awareness should be carried out in the villages addressing the importance of wild animals, specifically the endangered species,” N’drihin said.
He said Cepa should carry out more awareness on the Fauna Act so that the public was aware and conservation and preservation of these animals should be considered.
N’drihin said at the moment people were unaware and continued with their hunting thus quickening the disappearance of many endangered species. He said turtles and  many endangered species were being hunted, killed and sold in local markets. He said it was time Ceba imposed tough penalties on those who did not take into account the Fauna Act.