Address marijuana consumption urgently


IT is scary that the number of drug addicts in the country is increasing at an alarming rate.
We have a huge problem because of our differences to contain this issue.
Marijuana is now consumed openly in public as if there’s nothing wrong with it.
The ones who consume it are not afraid of anything.
We were so focused on combating the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and other threats and we’ve turned a blind eye on the real need here, which is to deal with problems related to marijuana.
I am raising this concern because we need a mentally healthy population to build a strong nation.
We need to keep our nation safe from law and order issues and cut unnecessary expenses on mental healthcare.
The Government has to take this seriously.
Schools need a tougher stance on this.
Students should be the main target as they are our human resource.
We need to protect them at all costs. If our children, as young as 10, are victims of drug abuse, then where do we see ourselves in the next six to 10 years? The Government needs to scale up efforts in the similar manner that it is battling the Covid-19 and other issues.
It needs to minimise the effects of marijuana in the country.
We understand that it is a crucial time for the Government to spend resources to tackle the Covid-19, cancer, tuberculosis and other diseases, but marijuana is equally a serious issue that needs to be addressed urgently, especially when it is consumed just as an ordinary cigarette in public.
The increase in marijuana-related problems shows that no one is paying attention and the law is not doing anything about it.
Can the authorities do something about it?
We can’t expect a better future for our children if this problem is not addressed
Our daughters, mothers, children and everyone need to feel safe in this country.
We have to fight this to make our homes safe.

Tonny Guan,
Kondan Baundo-Simbaix