Adventist children, youths visit people with disabilities


THE Youth Ambassador Pathfinder and Adventurer (YAPA) classes of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church visited people with disabilities at the Kaparoko village, in Central ,during their Easter camp last week.
As part of their outreach programme, the YAPA class visited and held Bible studies with people living with disabilities and the other villagers.
The YAPA class comprised of children from 10 churches in Central – Manugoro, Irupara, Kaparoko, Kalo, Hula, Kwikila, Kemabolo, Lepagoro, Sinavai and Sinagoro SDA church.
Parent Apollos Winbawakin, who attended the Easter camp with his daughter Glenda Winbawakin, 5, said it was the first experience for most of the children who attended the camp.
“Some of the children were really young and it was their first time and they really enjoyed the experience of camping and visiting the people living with disability,” Winbawakin said. “Even the villagers were excited about the visit.
“The children also gave gifts such as clothes, food, soup and washing powder to the villagers.”
Winbawakin said the main message of was to bring up children with the word of God at a very early age.
The YAPA class camped for a week starting from April 14-21 during which they took part in different activities such as learning new marching techniques to improve their marching drills.