Agency: Better power services will boost development

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The National, Thursday June 18th, 2015


IMPROVED power services in Papua New Guinea will enhance commercial development, a Japanese aid agency official says

Japanese International Corporation Agency (JICA) chief representative Shigeru Sugiyama said a brighter PNG would make the country an attractive environment for investments if there were efficient and accessible power services available. He was speaking during a workshop hosted by PNG Power Ltd and NEWJEC, a Japanese firm engaged by JICA 

to conduct studies on the Ramu power system and to develop a master plan to improve power services in Lae.

“The brighter PNG will be achieved physically by the power supply by the Ramu system to bring more light, energy and power into the region that has a large share of the population in Lae and other cities,” Sugiyama said.

“The commercial importance of a brighter PNG will also be achieved economically as more improved and reliable power supply grow here and enabling an environment for doing business that would attract much needed investment to the region from sectors including mining and among others.

“Increased commercial activities in the region will be expected to benefit the people living there.

“There will be more employment opportunities, improved skills and capacity, and of the most, include house hold income.”

Sugiyama said the Ramu system power development master plan, currently under study phase by NEWJEC, was expected to contribute in the growth of commercial activities in Lae and in the country through financial, customer and business process perspectives.

“In a business process perspective, the master plan does not fail to address or review this issue.

“But I believe NEWJEC can provide some useful observation as to how PPL can manage its business more efficiently as they work hand in hand with for the entire duration of this project,” he said.