Aid post still incomplete

National, Normal

The National, Thursday November 7th, 2013

 THE Vunga Aid Post in the Inland Baining local level government, of Gazelle district, East New Britain, is yet to be completed.

This is the situation despite acquittals provided by the health facility’s board for an additional K20,000 for building material.

Board chairman Mathias Benjamin said at the Vunga ward there was an urgent need for the aid post building, constructed last year, to be completed.

The funding will be sourced from the district administration, as locals travel to the Gaulim Health Centre for medical services. 

Benjamin said the facility would assist communities of Maranagi and Avungi wards that often sought help from Vunga.

The additional K20,000 is mainly for furniture such as beds.

Benjamin said there was a need for housing for the nursing officer.