Airline back in business despite Covid-19 restrictions


PNG Air says despite the travel restrictions during the state of emergency, the airline is back in business.
In a statement yesterday, it said that it was operating on a limited schedule with around 160 domestic flights per week, compared to more than 460 before the Covid-19.
“Any market requires an element of competition, and aviation is no different,” it said. “Without the competitive environment of two airlines, there is little incentive for a monopoly to reduce airfares, or maintain quality of service.
“PNG Air provides that vital competitive focus for travellers in PNG.”
It said it focused on the people – their safety, the service they receive with value provided.
“In critical times such as the Covid-19, PNG Air is not funded by the Government,” it said.
“We solely rely on the day to day operations of our business and cost-efficient processes.
“By creating efficiencies in the business to sustain value and focused on raising service levels, we are meeting the needs of the consumer and offering an alternative choice for domestic air travel.
“PNG Air is owned by Nasfund contributors – every ticket sold, every nut that’s tightened, every mile we fly, there is only one thing we take into consideration – you.
“Each Nasfund member owns a part of PNG Air.
“By choosing to travel with the airline you own, you are investing in yourself.”

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