Allow women to prosper


IT is unimaginable and disturbing that the space for women to thrive is still shrinking despite the evangelical zeal for equal opportunities, justice and fairness.
The progress that has been made in opening up environments that nurture and cultivate women’s emancipation is still questionable.
From political arena, company directorships, science and technology to business and leadership, the representations of women are still far too low than should be.
Women’s full and effective participations and leadership in all areas of life drives progress for everyone.
Women in developed countries or developing countries are still facing some man-made insurmountable obstacles which prevent them from unlocking their potentials.
In some countries women are still oppressed on the pretext of traditions and culture.
They experience rape, forced marriage, genital mutilations and lack of access to education.
It is also a disgraceful that gender stereotypes are often used to justify violence against women.
Everyone should be involved in creating environment where women flourish.

Handsen Chikowore,
United Kingdom