Amazing stories about being Lutheran


Lutherans all over the world last year celebrated 500 years of reformation.
The Lutheran Students’ Congregation (LSC) at the University of PNG decided to celebrate the occasion by publishing a book My Faith, My Church.
It is a collection of remarkable stories from members of LSC.
The stories in this book have been categorised into five chapters.
The first chapter is an introductory chapter.
The second chapter deals with stories dealing with history as the primary theme.
The third chapter consists of stories with the theme as ‘growing in faith’.
The fourth chapter deals with the theme – ‘a life of faith’.
The fifth and final chapter consists of stories which talk about the way forward.
Each of the stories in this book is unique and interesting.
You should expect to read of the amazing things God has done in the lives of the writers.
God has worked countless wonders in the lives of the writers.
Though they cannot tell their complete stories in a book like this, they do their best to tell you what they can.
They have done a truly marvelous job.
All the stories in this book are part of the big Reformation story, which started on Oct 31, 1517, when Martin Luther nailed his famous 95 Theses on the church door in Wittenberg, Germany.
Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG Head Bishop Rev Jack Urame said it was hoped that the book would inspire many more to embrace their faith in God.
“The narratives recorded in this book tell the story of this beautiful journey of the faithful followers of Christ,” he said.
“Since 1886 when the Gospel first landed in Simbang, evangelists, pastors and Christians have continued to witness the beauty of what God did and continues to do so today.
“Many of our fathers and mothers walked many mountains, crossed rivers, valleys and seas to spread the Gospel and build up the Church we know today, of which we are a part of.
“We are proud to be a church because Christ laid the foundation and our fathers and mothers built up on this foundation.
“Today we have the obligation to continue to build from where they left.”
The book is edited by prominent Lutheran laypeople Dr Eric Kwa, Tanya Zeriga, Watson Simiong and David Gonol.
Contributors are Jacobeth Gideon, Mirriam Vano, Christley Fuape, Biteng Narewec, Judy Agena, Moses Sakai, Eddie Pibisinam, Ben Bande, Francisca Natung, Babe Mateyamo Kambang, Rev Chuainsker Natung, Yowa Zurenu, Dr Asaku Simiong-Openg, Dr Albert Prabhaker Gudapati, Ben Mondo and Obura-Wonenara MP Mehrra Kipefa.