Amok youths torch car

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The National, Thursday October 31st, 2013


A MAN had his vehicle burnt and another was wounded after youths ran amok in their settlement in Lae last Saturday.

The incident happened at Malagua settlement in Kamkumung around 4am, according to witnesses.

John Forest said about eight men, who he thought were under the influence of alcohol and armed, burnt his vehicle which was parked outside his home.

He said the group later attacked a Sepik man who had come out of his house to see what was happening.

“They later attempted to torch two houses further down the street belonging to two Eastern Highlands families,” Forest said.

Lae police operations commander Fred Kaiwa confirmed the incident but was yet to get a full report on it.

Resident Bryan Humeut said he was at home when he heard youths shouting in the street. 

He said the youths were drinking homebrew sold in the neighbourhood.

Humute blamed the police for not addressing the problem earlier after it was reported to them.

Police said they were investigating the matter.