An effective service mechanism needed

Letters, Normal

IT has been 34 years since we gained Independence.
However, the public service delivery mechanism has failed to make an impact on the socio-economy and improve the living standard of the majority of the people in the rural areas.
The nation is experiencing extreme poverty and everyone must act responsibly in various capacities to alleviate the situation.
Whether it is the ineffective delivery mechanism or the public servants’ slackness in carrying out their responsibilities, the rural majority is suffering and the Government must introduce measures to change the public servants’ attitude.
The recent comments by Chief Secretary Manasupe Zurenuoc were nothing but the truth.
He correctly described the public servants as “chicken moving around not knowing what to do” and it is a grave concern.
It is true our public servants have an attitude problem and this has led to the lack of implementation of Government policies and delivery of services to the people.
I suppose there are many committed and honest public servants in the country who would work tirelessly to deliver services.
But they are often let down by their own colleagues to carry out their duties when the responsible government authorities, whom Mr Zurenuoc represents, fail to ensure necessary resources are available instantly to the people.
This scenario needs a complete change of mindset and attitudes from top down to focus on existing service delivery structures.
I think it is important to consider a partnership arrangement between the Government, private sector and donor agencies.
This arrangement, if coordinated properly, can bring about service delivery and much needed change to the rural people in the country.
It is time to think positive and act with responsibility.


Gilford Famundi Yune
Port Moresby