Andrew Baing: Is this the same man?


THANK you Bob, from Ramu Valley, for responding to my letter regarding Andrew Baing.
My letter (The National, Apr 11) was basically asking the question if this is the same Andrew Baing who held public office as a member and minister years back.
If he is, then was he not found guilty and dismissed in 2006 by the Leadership Tribunal for misuse of DSG funds?
We, the citizens, even yourself, have every right to raise issues in this country if we feel it is right. It is enshrined in our Constitution.
You ask who I am. I am a citizen of this wonderful democratic country.
You say stop hiding under a pen name? I’m using this medium to air my views and it is legal to do so under a pen name.
Probably you may be in a position to let the people of PNG know if this is the same Andrew Baing that I am talking about and put the matter to rest?
How am I diverting attention away from the good things the prime minister is doing?
Let’s stick to the issue here and stop becoming too personal about it.
I see that you are from Ramu Valley and I understand that you are putting your region first and our wonderful PNG second.

Ivan Gordons

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