Architects looking for better sustainable building design


SUSTAINABLE designs in the construction industry are needed to ensure optimum national development, according PNG Institute of Architects (PNGIA) president Jordan Tegabwasa.
He was explaining the theme of esigning for sustainability and resilience, for the Akzo Nobel Taubmans PNGIA 2018 Design Excellence Awards at its launch on Wednesday.
Tegabwasa said corporate sponsorship allowed professional architects to strengthen ties with major players in construction and work together in building the country.
“These sponsors are major players in the country today,” he said.
“They have contributed in a big way to the construction industry in PNG and have added value to the architectural profession.
“We deal with a range of people from – contactors to suppliers – and we are happy to say that we are partnering with some of these people in this year’s awards.
“The architecture industry in PNG is such where even though we have been around for a long time, we are trying to come out there and put focus on the profession. We represent all the architects all around the country.
“It has always been our challenge to ensure that local context is imperative – that we do in design. I am always adamant that our architects can perform just as well as any other architects around the world.”
The six award design categories are:

  • Commercial;
  • Interior commercial;
  • Apartment and residential units;
  • Standalone residential;
  • Student award; and
  • Overall design excellence award.

The PNGIA is inviting entries from individual architects, firms and students from University of Technology.
The winners will be announced at a dinner next month.

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