Aussie cricket legends arrive

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FIVE Aussie cricketers arrived yesterday at Jackson Airport from Brisbane led by one-day great Andrew Symonds for what will be an exciting weekend of cricket action at Amini Park.
First time visitors to PNG Symonds and team mate Greg Blewett told reporters after walking through the arrival gate that it was a “life experience” and a great opportunity to see the PNG culture.
“I’ve never been to Papua New Guinea and this is a great life experience for me and I’m just happy to be here and help out.
“We’re all great mates (referring to the other members of the group) and we’re here to entertain and provide some good advice for cricketers,” Blewett said.
Symonds also echoed similar sentiments but added that seeing the flora and fauna would also be on his schedule while here.
“It’s my first time to PNG and it’d be great to taste the culture and get some fishing in. I hear this place has some very good black bass.” 
Their travelling companions Michael Kasprowicz, Greg Matthews and Andy Bichel have already visited the country with Bichel the current PNG national coach.
Bichel described the event as something that would strengthen PNG cricket and be of benefit to the sport in PNG.
“This “Don’t drink and drive” Legend’s bash is important for the relationship between Australian and PNG cricket.
“We’re helping to launch cricket in the country and creating a partnership,” Bichel stressed.
Both Matthews and Kasprowicz were special guests at functions held in Port Moresby this year. Kasprowicz was the guest speaker at this year’s SP Sports awards and Mathews was the guest of honour at Cricket Night hosted by Cricket PNG earlier this year.
Mathews when asked about the conditions said the team was ready to put on a show for the fans and encouraged the public to come and watch.
“They’ll be used to different conditions but you just have to get out there and have a go.
“I can still bowl a bit,” he joked.
The other members of the group, Damien Martyn and Jimmy Maher, are scheduled to arrive today.
Matches begin tomorrow at Amini Park and Colts Oval with the televised final at 2pm on Sunday.