Aussie GG hands over climate data

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The National, Tuesday 23rd April 2013

 THE Australian Governor-General, Quentin Bryce, yesterday handed over climate change data from her government to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

The high-resolution elevation data on the north coast of Papua New Guinea was collected by Geoscience Australia and the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, at the request of the PNG government.

The data will be used to plan climate change adaptation in Papua New Guinea. It can also be used to plan construction sites, monitor land subsidence, determine pipeline routes and detect changes in vegetation growth. Future work will build PNG’s capacity to use the data.

Climate change is a global challenge. Better information and data will help build a more robust body of evidence to support planning, to manage sustainably the impact of climate change, including in PNG.

The Australian government is also funding a range of community-based activities in PNG to build resilience and adaptation to climate change. 

Bryce is on a state visit to PNG at the invitation of Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio.