Aust police help boosts college course

The National,Wednesday June 29th, 2016

THE Australian Federal Police (AFP) has assisted local police by upgrading the interview and question course manual at Bomana Police College.
The fourth edition titled “Investigation, Interviewing and Explaining” was handed over by the Australian Federal Police Mission Commander Bruce Giles to Bomana Police College Commandant Chief Superintendent Perou N’dranou (pictured).
He said the Australian federal police  would continue to assist the Papua New Guinea police in whatever way possible.
N’dranou said the manual would help police in the investigation, interviewing and questioning of crime suspects.
He said a lot of the cases filed by prosecutors were struck out by the court.
“Most of the cases filed by prosecutors have been struck out by courts because of insufficient evidence,” he said.
He said upgrading the course would help members in the future.
“Now that we have these upgraded course materials, it will definitely assist our members in future.”
Police recruitments in Papua New Guinea has been an ongoing initiative by the  Government.
The main purpose of the recruitments is to increase the police force in the country.
The Royal  Papua New Guinea Constabulary recruits new officers every year to undergo training at the Bomana  Police College outside Port Moresby.