Aust urges seasonal workers to set example

The six men who left for Australia on Friday to participate in the nine-month labour mobility programme. From left: Warinais Follok, Peter Kewa, Moses Norman Kareme, Michael Huk, Lawrence Gavera and Guntur Lucas Gora. – Picture supplied

PAPUA New Guinea High Commissioner to Australia John Kali has urged seasonal workers to set a great example for the country while working overseas.
Kali, who was on his way back to Canberra, briefly met with the six workers at Jackson International Airport before their departure on Friday.
“PNG is in your hands – how you market our country through your work abroad will attract more interest for seasonal workers,” he said.
“Australia and PNG governments have agreed and they have come up with the programme which you will be participating in.”
Kali said other Pacific island nations had more workers involved in the labour mobility programme but if PNG workers worked well, this would see more Papua New Guineans given the opportunity to be seasonal workers.
“When you go, build a good reputation so we can build a brand name for PNG,” he said.
“PNG must have a special brand, hardworking, committed and professional so they will want more of our people to work overseas.
“Your families are relying on you so go and make a good case for yourselves and work hard for PNG.”