Australian ambassador tours Ok Tedi mine

The National,Thursday June 16th, 2016

AUSTRALIAN High Commissioner Bruce Davies toured the Ok Tedi mine this week to look at its operation.
Davies and Minister Counselor Benedict David arrived in the mining township on Monday and was accorded a guard of honour by Tabubil police officers.
It was followed by a presentation of the company by management.
On Tuesday, he was taken on a tour of the mine, mill, Bige operations and the town.
Ok Tedi Mining Limited managing director and chief executive officer Peter Graham said the visitors were impressed with the town and the mine operations.
He said they were also interested in the work undertaken at Bige on the mine waste reclamation and the revegetation programme to revive the environment.
“They were impressed by what they saw, the enthusiasm and skills of the Ok Tedi Mining Limited’s workforce and the size of the company’s footprint and impacts in Western,” Graham said.
“The purpose of the trip was to gain a better understanding of Ok Tedi mining as a significant contributor to Papua New Guinea’s economy.
“The visit presented an opportunity to exchange views on Papua New Guinea’s development, successes and challenges looking forward, and to discuss ways that Australia might coordinate with the industry on matters such as infrastructure development in Western to improve people’s livelihood.”
Graham said such visits were important to Ok Tedi Mining Limited as they provided an opportunity for the employees to strengthen advocacy on behalf of the mining.
“Far better that others talk in an informed way about the work being done at Ok Tedi Mining Limited than for us to do so ourselves,” he said.
Ok Tedi mining is owned and operated by the  State.