Australian police equip forensic unit in Mt Hagen

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The National – Thursday, December 2, 2010

THE work of police in Western Highlands has been made easier with technical assistance from the Australian federal police (AFP).
The AFP yesterday gave much-needed forensic equipment to police in Mt Hagen.
AFP’s Scott Saywell, who is the adviser to the Royal PNG Constabulary forensic unit, presented a camera complete with computer software and applications to aid police investigations and compiling of information.
This was witnessed by provincial police commander Supt Kaiglo Ambane, national forensic science services’ chief investigator of crimes Supt Philip Rambaliku, officer-in-charge of Mt Hagen forensic unit Sgt Ronald Hulum and forensic unit staff members.
The forensic division involved scientific police investigations where fingerprints, hair, pieces of clothing, blood and other samples would be gathered as evidence to be used against a suspect.
Rambaliku said in some cases, suspects were beaten up and forced into admitting to a crime and, consequently, they would be freed by the courts due to lack of evidence.
He said with such equipment, concrete scientific evidence would be gathered to prove in court the guilty or not guilty plea by a suspect.
Ambane said the presentation was a boost for the division and would help fight crime.
He said forensics was a powerful part of criminal investigations.
Hulum reiterated that investigations conducted by the forensic unit were often incomplete because they lacked proper equipment.