Authority allocates K500,000 to upgrade road


THE Tewai-Siassi district development authority (DDA) has allocated K500,000 to upgrade the Siassi Island ring-road.
District development authority chairman and local MP Dr Kobby Bomareo told The National last Sunday that the had met on Oct 10, and had approved the funding for the 218km road.
Bomareo said this road was an important road in the district because it served more than 18,000 people on the island.
The funding is from the services improvement programme funds.
He said with the upgrading of the road, people would be able to move around in vehicles and transport their cocoa, coffee and copra to the markets.
“The documents are with the provincial supplies and tenders board now,” Bomareo said.
“As soon as they say okay we will commence work.
“We have all the machines and people in place already.”
Bomareo said the last maintenance work done on this road was during the time Vincent Michael was MP.
He said since then the road was left to deteriorate to a point where it was now unusable.
“Now that we are putting money into the road, I appeal to the people of Siassi to buy vehicles and use them on the road. They should not go on Facebook and criticise my administration but buy vehicles and use the road,”  Bomareo said.