Avoid cult groups

Lae News, Normal

THE people in the Huon Gulf electorate of Morobe province have been urged to be involved in agriculture to sustain their needs instead of doing cult worship.
Huon Gulf MP Sasa Zibe, who is also Health Minister, made the call following reports he received of his people being invovled in two cult groups, the Papalain and Zia cultural foundations.
In a press statement, he told his people that “they need to be aware that the cult groups are only using them for their money”.
“Followers from the two groups have been collecting money from hardworking little people and promising them that their contributions would multiply every time they contribute,” he said.
However, Mr Zibe noted that such practices are ridiculous and dangerous and urged his people to return to agriculture as the electorate is rich in natural resources.
Peter Namus, a member of the joint district planning and budget priority committee of the Huon district, shared the same sentiments calling on the police to investigate these cult groups.