Backing for death penalty

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The National, Tuesday 09th April, 2013


THE killing of two women suspected of sorcery in South Bougainville last week has triggered more support for the death penalty to be implemented in the country. 

Secretary for the Department of Justice and Attorney General and chairman of the Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee Dr Lawrence Kalinoe described the killing as “very disturbing”.

He said the brutal killing of another human being based on mere suspicion should not go unabated by the government and authorities. 

Kalinoe said the death penalty should be imposed. 

“It is so disturbing that we still have these horrendous crimes being committed on mere suspicions,” he said.

“PNG as a nation must now take tough action against those aggressors. 

“The Minister for Justice and Attorney General Kerenga Kua is now in the process of finalising the submission to the government to introduce the death penalty for this category of murder. 

“The hands of the government are being forced to do this. As a responsible government, we cannot stand by and do nothing about such horrendous brutality. 

“We must now put a stop to this by imposing the ultimate criminal penalty that is available under law – impose the death penalty,” he said in a statement. 

Kalinoe was responding to a report yesterday that two elderly women were tortured by angry villagers for three nights . Their heads were cut off in front of police who were helpless to intervene. 

Programme cordinator for the Family and Sexual Violence Action committee Ume Wainetti also condemned the killing and challenged the Constitutional Law and Reform Committee and other relevant authorities to fast track the necessary processes to implement the death penalty.